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Unlimited Internet Service in Ghana (Greater Accra) Services Internet Service GH₵900.00 - GH₵850.00

Ausbuild Apartment

Accrafinder have a new set of unlimited “mix and max” internet pricing plans that will let you, your family, and businesses potentially each choose from across 5 internet plans. Each Customer may have to do a little bit of work to sort through the details and determine just which plan might make the most sense for them. These new plans replaced CoLi’s previous pricing lineup(Home, Regular, Basic, Standard, Business & Office).

  1. Customers will have unlimited access to the internet for thirty (30) days with a fair usage threshold of 100GB.
  2. Customers, who exhaust the allocated volume before the expiry of the offer, will continue to enjoy unlimited access to the internet at a reduced level of priority speed up to 10mbps on a shared bandwidth.

We will now be offering a total of seven monthly plans that starts at GHC150 and go up to GHC900.

Find below our Data packages:-

1. CoLi Value – GHC150

2. CoLi Plus – GHC200

3. CoLi Premium – GHC250

4. CoLi Extra – GHC300

5. CoLi Office – GHC350

6. CoLi Jumbo – GHC600

7. CoLi Mega – GHC900

New price for installation is now GHC650 which includes CoLi Plus Unlimited Data for one month…



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